Friday, January 31, 2014


A simple photograph of someone can tell the viewer something about that person, whether or not it is true.  The way someone is dressed in the picture can cause the viewer to make assumptions such as; "Oh man this person has a great style!" or "Why are you wearing that...?" Sometimes the way someone is dressed can tell you about their personality, for an example: If someone is wearing bright vibrant colors the assumption would have the viewer thing that the person is a happy person, where as a person who wear dark and gloomy colors would have the viewer think that the person is not the happiest person in the world.  Facial expressions is another factor that can define someone in the picture. In the first picture it looks like I  was caught off guard  since I am looking away from the camera as if I am talking to  to soneone or just staring at something.   It is obviously a sideview of me , but I was not caught off guard at all even though it seems like that. Someone could also make the assumption that I didn't want my picture taken since I am turned and smiling. In my second picture which is the snake eye view my eyes are looking up with my mouth opened where there can be the assumption that I was either surprised by the person taking my picture, I was not ready, or the person was standing high above the floor taking the picture. The actual reason was that the photographet was standing high above me while standing on the chair taking my picture where I looked ready for the picture unlike the first photo where I was pretty much caught off guard.  An individual can make many assumptions about a photo of someone else based on their facial expresson, and body posture.