Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Family Photo

This is a picture of my four yearold cousin sitting on my lap, even though that is hard determine. By her being a child, I had to take about ten photos of us because she would either look away, blink, smile after the picture is taken and move around making the picture blurry or distorted. The viewer can make the assumption that my cousin and I are sitting on the couch somewhere in a house, but it not clear which room we are sitting in or if there are any other people in the area. I am at my Dad's neice's house (cousin) sitting in her living room where to the left is another couch with my younger cousin's older and little sister are sitting. On the left side diagonal from me is a big TV and stand. In my cousins hand she is playing a game on her mom's iphone. My sweatshirt is hard to read since it is covered, but it says "Dream Big". My cousin's shirt says "Santa Loves Me". This photo reminds me of all the great times me and my little cousin had. It is a great feeling to see someone grow from when they were a baby to attending in pre-school. It reminds me how time just flys by and that everyone should cherish who and what they have in their life.